Today we announced that FailProof Technology selected us, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, to power its cloud services. Want to learn more about FailProof Technology?

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FailProof Technology is your partner to cloud services with a comprehensive solution set, delivering everything from its powerful IaaS platform, FailProof-Cloud, to a dynamic catalogue of popular business solutions, all served up with the SMB marketplace in mind. FailProof Technology completes its offering with system admin services provided by its team of certified server engineers, and marketing services, to help your business promote your new cloud services provider (CSP) business.

FailProof Technology is with you every step of the way as you transform your MSP, VAR and IT professional business into a CSP business, and lead your customer base to high quality, customized cloud services.

President of FailProof Technology, Akaid Diaz, is truly passionate about helping SMBs transform into cloud service providers and we couldn’t be happier to be part of this mission. Akaid describes on his website FailProof Cloud, a solution built from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs, VAR and IT professional community servicing the SMB marketplace. FailProof Cloud needed to be powerful, reliable and cost effective so Akaid and his team worked with technology partners to build a robust IaaS platform. FailProof-Cloud offers complete control of the technology stack, including IP address, security, encryption, vlans, subnets and more. The company’s partners have complete control of the technology they deploy and complete control of their client relations. The website says:

All this is controlled by the industry’s most elegant web based console from Flexiant, with their Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. This means you have control all your clients’ infrastructure from a web browser; clean, efficient and simple.

Installed and running within three weeks and already serving cloud infrastructure, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator was selected against other cloud management providers because of its extensive reseller, metering and billing, and cloud blueprint and ‘Bento Box’ capabilities.

Akaid Diaz said, “Starting to build a cloud with a blank sheet of paper meant we were able to select only the best software and hardware on the market. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator was the first selection we made because they understood our needs to deliver a channel model cloud solution for our partners. As we continued to select the products and storage for FailProof-Cloud, Flexiant’s support team was able to offer advice and support having deep knowledge of the service provider market.”

In our press release, George Knox said:

 “FailProof Technology built its entire cloud offering off the back of Flexiant’s extensive service provider capabilities. This is testament to our mission to ensure every capability added to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is built with the needs of the service provider in mind so they can get the most out of our cloud management product. We truly understand the solutions that are needed to offer differentiated services to the market and FailProof Technology is one company doing exactly that.”

If you want the leading and trendsetting cloud management solution in the marketplace, learn more about Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.


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