Our good friend Joe Weinman, author of Cloudonomics and SVP Cloud Services and Strategy at Telx, just presented this morning at GigaOm: Structure Europe (#structureeurope). Some interesting points he discussed included what is or isn’t considered cloud, showcasing that cloud is now common. He highlighted:

Cloud Table

I like the simplicity of this description of cloud and how Joe used it to ask ‘Should the cloud matter to CXO?’ He referenced a source that said no, but his argument is that in this increasingly digital world it is obvious to us that of course IT and the cloud are essential therefore the cloud should be very important to CxO.

As the cloud continues to gain a strategic presence at board level, service providers must look to support this by delivering differentiated and customized solutions. That is exactly why service providers need solutions that can support each individual business strategy.

More to come from GigaOm today.

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