We strongly believe a successful roadmap to offering cloud services involves a great level of integration. You as a service provider will be asked to provide all sorts of services to your customer base, in order to help them get the most out of the new cloud computing consumption model. To get there, you’ll need a solid technology foundation, good knowledge of the market and lots of time to develop integration.

We believe Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the foundation layer capable of that robustness, scalability and elasticity that is required to build services that are ready to cope with increasing demand. And on the integration side, we are constantly working to make our platform interoperable with other great technologies, thus making your life much easier, while still having a broad number of choices. Sounds great doesn’t it?

whmcsResponding to our customers’ demand, we have incorporated specific integration modules for Hostbill and WHMCS. These two popular customer management, product catalogue and billing systems are generally adopted by service providers that want to offer an online marketplace for all their cloud services, obviously including those delivered by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

If you either want to provide virtual servers through monthly subscriptions (known as “VPS“) or through the modern infrastructure-as-a-service pay-as-you-go model, from today you’ll be able to do it though your Hostbill and WHMCS product catalogues, still counting on the solid battle-tested Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform to deliver them for you. All you’ll have to do is to download the module from this location, install that within the platform of your choice, configure your Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator instance and you’re done.

Afterwards, your customers will be able to purchase “units” (our internal platform credits to spend consuming cloud resources) as well as subscribe to a monthly VPS or even a resource pool to spread across a number of virtual servers. After the purchase, they’ll be one click away from the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Control Panel for provisioning ┬átheir resources. Through single-sign-on, of course.

We believe the journey to the cloud starts with true IaaS, but it’s our goal to foster differentiation by opening our technology and leaving space for ideas or new business models. With Hostbill and WHMCS modules, which by the way come completely free of charge, we believe we’ve taken a further step in that direction. But stay tuned, we’re just at the beginning.

To access the modules visit www.flexiant.com/integrations

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