It has been a three year long journey, with some challenges along the way, but today Flexiant is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the OPTIMIS collaborative project. This European collaboration was partially funded by the European Commission under FP7 contracts.


OPTIMIS is a cloud-enabling technology designed to simplify cloud application construction, deployment and operation and to optimize the provision and operational management of cloud infrastructure services. It allows intelligent deployment and operational management decisions in hybrid and multi-cloud environments and it enables end-to-end security and data protection compliance. OPTIMIS technology has been validated in business pilots about visual analytics, genomic analysis and cloud security services.

This project presents the fundamentals for a toolkit for scalable and dependable service platforms and architectures that enable flexible and dynamic provisioning of cloud services, known as cloud bursting.

Flexiant’s involvement in this project included leading a core ‘cloud bursting’ use case where the toolkit developed by the project was tested to understand the boundaries and limitations of the current cloud environment. The goal was to use external resources in a managed, cost effective, quality conscious manner to create an aggregated set of geographically and independently owned resources. Flexiant also provided extensive historical data and run-time data. Both sets of data helped the consortium validate developed tools in the areas of risk, trust, eco and cost while also integrating monitoring tools to allow a decision engine to make dynamic real-time decisions for enhanced quality of service.

Cloud providers, developers and end-user organizations will now benefit from the possibilities that are offered by the Toolkit and the TREC Framework developed by OPTIMIS project. They allow each of these types of users to use cloud functionality easily and efficiently to their best advantage by providing a transparent, interoperable and architecture-independent solution. The outcome also allows easy adoption of multi-cloud scenarios to help select best execution venues.

Working on this EU research project, not only offers marketplace insights, but also aids technological advancement. OPTIMIS helped Flexiant improve our image retrieval service by introducing functionality for automating virtual image conversion, contextualization use and intelligent use of block storage devices.  Results included up to four times faster image transfer, reduction of storage space by up to 75% and added versatility for automatically converting target image types. Further, it underpinned Flexiant’s new multi-cluster functionality that enables the control of many geographically distributed cloud deployments from a single dashboard providing a complete solution for overall management of both virtual and physical resources, while preserving customizable local control.

Flexiant would like to thank our partners who helped ensure a productive three years spent bringing the OPTIMIS innovations to fruition which are listed on the project website.  See also for a promotional video and for general information.

Below you can read some thoughts from participants and market analysts on the project:

“I cite the injection of multiple security offerings from Encrypted Storage through to patching via IPS as these are wholly applicable market additions that you have offered.” – David Cairns, Principle Design Development and Consultancy Services, BT Compute, BT Global Services

Market analysts expect OPTIMIS innovations to have a multiplier effect.  “End-user organizations are now seeking new ways to automate the delivery of workloads and applications to the most appropriate cloud environments, be it internal or external, and whether it is determined by performance, risk, location and compliance or other SLA parameters. We trust OPTIMIS will encourage more European SMEs  to create and use new cloud applications and services.” – Csilla Zsigri, Director of Consulting Services EMEA, at 451 Research

“Flexiant has really benefited from our involvement in the OPTIMIS project. The participation provided crucial market insight and state of the art analysis as well as academic research which has aided and focused the evolution of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.” – Ger Burns- VP of Customer Operations

“Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator  has now integrated the OPTIMIS data manager/service provider concept with a multi-cluster deployment functionality allowing our end users to deploy across multiple hypervisors and geographical locations from a single pane of glass.”- Tabasasum Sharif- Director of Operations

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