Today I Googled cloud and “time to market” to see what would come up. There are about 982,000 results. Why? Because time to market is one of the biggest benefits of cloud computing as new products and services can be launched quickly. Previously, my colleague Frazer has blogged about why time to market is important and how a fully viable and revenue generating cloud platform in 7 days can be a reality.

Image provided by Axel Schwenke

A cloud service provider must have the ability to get to market quickly for two reasons:

1. Launch new products and services quickly

2. Enable customers to launch new products and services quickly

We understand that speed is of the essence, but that you also need to deliver a cloud service business built on a strong foundation that can meet strategic objectives both for you and your customers. This not only allows for proving an IaaS platform today, but for your strategic PaaS and SaaS objectives for tomorrow.

With this in mind, we have produced a 7 step guide to get to market quickly with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator (click the infographic to enlarge).


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