Next Thursday, May 16, 2013, Liam Eagle, analyst at 451 Research Group covering the Internet infrastructure business, will join Flexiant Founder and Product Champion, Tony Lucas in a webinar that will explore the strengths and benefits of moving from VPS to an IaaS platform. Register Now!

451-ResearchFlexiant and 451 Research discuss the service provider path from VPS to IaaS

May 16 2013 at 11AM EDT/ 4PM BST

This webinar comes as part of our on-going VPS and Beyond series which so far has explored:

  1. VPS versus Infrastructure as a Service: The definitions, differences and market opportunity
  2. Why IaaS: How IaaS can solve service providers and customers VPS problems and the capabilities necessary to reap these benefits

In this webinar, Eagle and Lucas will continue the discussion by comparing the benefits of VPS and IaaS and look at common issues such as cloudwashing, selling IaaS as a hosting provider, and shepherding customers across the divide. Lastly, the two will examine and debate the challenges facing new IaaS providers.

Register for the 451 Group webinar, VPS and Beyond here!

Look out for our third VPS and Beyond white paper at the end of the month to conclude the series, which will help readers discover why IaaS is the starting point from which to grow PaaS and SaaS services.


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