The team at Flexiant supporting the FP7 initiative has been on the road to support some of the projects to develop the next wave of cloud technology.

Travels- Image provided by TeosaurioIn early March, ‘4CaaSt’ held its General Assembly in Madrid at IMDEA Software headquarters. IMDEA is the latest partner to join the consortium that aims to build an innovative framework for creating, marketing, deploying and managing applications on the cloud, both over platform products and platform as a service.

We visited SAP in Belfast to attend a meeting for the ‘CumuloNimbo’ project to start preparing demos for the final project review. The CumuloNimbo three year project seeks to obtain a highly scalable transactional platform as a service (PaaS).

A cold, snowy Paris welcomed the ‘PaaSage’ consortium to their latest gathering in March hosted by INRIA with partners travelling from as far afield as Norway in the north to Crete in the south.

We attended a project general assembly hosted by Imperial College, London, for ‘MODAClouds’ while the scheduled ‘CELAR’ project March meeting in Cyprus was postponed due to the recent financial turmoil on that unfortunate island at the moment. In fact, Flexiant have offered to host an Edinburgh meeting instead.

Next up is a trip to Germany for the ‘OPTIMIS’ project as well as Brussels to discuss advancements and challenges in cloud computing.

These trips and associated innovative work are helping to further strengthen each project. In additional, by collaborating with FP7 projects, Flexiant is building strong relationships with organizations across Europe helping to promote the benefits of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Academic partners and research institutions as a result, will directly utilize the features available from our cloud orchestration software when developing or evaluating projects. Partnering with industry and academic leaders, we are jointly pushing the boundaries and benefiting from combined expertise.

As a result, Flexiant is able to use the knowledge gained during these projects in development of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Involvement with FP7 is further contributing to Flexiant’s leading industry position.


Travels- Image provided by Teosaurio

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