One consistent theme in my discussions with hosting companies and service providers is the problem of time to market. Many of these businesses fall into the camp of having spent months, if not years, investigating technology to support a cloud business only to then realize it does not meet customer expectations. In turn, these organizations are watching customer after customer leave to find a cloud service provider that can actually support their business requirements.

image provided by EurritimiaSo what does a hoster need to transition into a cloud service provider with a fully viable and revenue generating platform? The answer is not in developing its own cloud management solution, it is instead purchasing software that can enable the business to reach its goal in as little as seven days.

The software should be able to support your business regardless of its deployment complexity. These capabilities should include the ability to support:

  • Single or Multi-location
  • Single or Multi-cluster
  • Single or Multi-hypervisor
  • Defined products and offers
  • Defined service level agreements
  • Easily defined pricing:
    • Based on SLA i.e. if you are pricing based on a standard vs. premium service
    • Based on a direct or indirect sales model
    • Based on volume i.e. a high or low value customer

Cloud management should be more than just shelf-ware. It should change the business by enabling the sales and marketing team to productize new cloud services to generate revenue. There is no need for this to be a long journey. Instead, the software should provide the framework and the tools required for business, organizational, sales and marketing change. IT can have an immediate benefit across the organization by selecting the right software, quickly, helping to get to market quickly.

And what do they have to lose? In 7 days, not much. In 7 months, a lot. Get to market quickly with a fully viable and revenue generating cloud platform.

Learn about the possibilities to do exactly that or speak with me directly.

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