A large proportion of the service provider market has not yet developed a true cloud offering. End users companies are frustrated with having to cut through marketing hype to find out which solutions are genuine cloud offerings and which are merely conventional hosting services with the word ‘cloud’ added to the title. Instead, these organizations remain at the virtualized level with virtual private servers (VPS) masquerading as cloud services. As a result, service providers are not in a position to benefit internally from the efficiency savings of a cloud platform or to deliver the value of true cloud services to their customers. Part of this problem is that many do not realize or recognize the difference between VPS and cloud and therefore do not understand the benefits or use cases possible with IaaS.


As part of a three paper series, I will clearly demonstrate a journey service providers can take as they move from VPS to cloud services. The three part series will cover:

1. VPS versus Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The definitions, differences and market opportunity

2. Why IaaS: How IaaS can solve service providers and customers VPS problems and the capabilities necessary to reap these benefits

3. Transitioning from VPS services to IaaS: Why VPS is the starting point from which to grow PaaS and SaaS services and a roadmap for delivery

Attempting to grow a service provider business by providing VPS will not offer the future-proofing and revenue opportunities available with the cloud. Instead, service providers must look to deliver a cloud platform that is more beneficial than VPS technologies.

Download part one of VPS and Beyond: Why Moving to an IaaS Offering will Pay Dividends, where we cover VPS versus IaaS, the definitions, differences and market opportunity.


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