Amazon and Rackspace are securing large numbers of cloud services customers internationally because they entered the market quickly and at scale.  If you are a smaller service provider unable to gain similar traction to these giants, how can you gain share in this exponentially expanding market?

It is imperative that businesses today get to market and establish their customer base quickly. Rather than making a large hardware and software and development investment for cloud management, companies should spend their funds more wisely investing in technology that can help differentiate against competition or focus investment heavily on sales and marketing. How exactly can they do this? An effective reseller strategy can be the answer.

This is not always easy. To ensure that your cloud services business is ready to use an effective reseller strategy, our webinar this Thursday will walk you through five critical strategic decisions you must make before executing a reseller strategy in your cloud services business.

Register now to find out how you can capture the rising tide of revenue and profit before your competition with a resellers strategy.

Image provided by Chris Breeze- Flickr.

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