One of the primary takeaways from WHD Global is the extent to which our market is interconnected. You talk to one customer who is connected to two other technology vendors that are in attendance and then discover that we are all providing services to a number of the same clients. This then throws up the logical question of why are we not working closer together. This pattern has repeated throughout the two days.

Why should this be the case?

One reason might be that in an emerging market the ‘whole solution’ is not likely to exist under any single vendor. Instead, individual vendors are specialist in specific functions. For Flexiant, it is cloud management, for others it might be monitoring and performance tuning or security and single sign on etc.

Of course every market matures towards the point where it demands a whole product solution. In the interim, partnering to ensure that the customer receives the capabilities required is critical to success. The buzz at WHD in the last two days has not only been created from meeting new potential clients, but also from progressing existing partnerships and identifying new potential partners.

It is amazing how connected our market has become and how vital it is for everyone to consciously develop their ecosystem of technology partners.

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