The answer is a resounding yes. The market for cloud services is growing rapidly. But with rapid growth, comes competitive land grabbing. If you are not staking a claim in the market, as rapid as it is growing, your business might feel the pain.


As the market for cloud services emerges and confidence in consumption grows, there are many types of market entrants trying to stake claim in revenue. Hosting companies want to move beyond VPS offerings and managed service providers want to launch true cloud services and benefit from higher levels of utilization and data center automation. Most telecom companies are also coming to the cloud market, not just dabbling or dipping their toe in the water, but instead launching at scale, often across multiple countries and continents.

Those organizations that are entering the market at scale are using their existing resellers to achieve market penetration. Since many of these entrants have established go to market supply chains and the brand power to attract new partnerships, they will quickly kick-start a cloud reseller program and aggressively target new resellers. This will negatively affect organization attempting to build reseller channels for the cloud in the future because many of the most attractive partnerships will already be established.

Deciding to enter the cloud services market and getting to market quickly is vital to successfully procuring channel partners and customers. There is little time left, and no need, for long technical projects with very high investment costs. These projects should be strategic and driven by business opportunity. This will allow cloud service providers to get to market quickly, at low cost, using existing customers and go-to-market relationships. The result is a quickly established business with rapidly expanding market reach through new channels of distribution.

The winners in this cloud race will be those who can gain and defend market traction quickest. This is only possible through the use of a reseller strategy. Download our latest white paper ‘Grow Your Cloud Services Business Using Resellers’, to learn how you can benefit use the power of resellers to exponentially increase customers and revenue.

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