The launch of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator comes with new licensing options to meet the needs of hosters, service providers and telcos. Flexiant will now offer four versions of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator including:

              • Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Hosting Edition

              • Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Hosting Advanced

              • Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Service Provider Edition

              • Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Service Provider Advanced



What’s in the Hosting Editions?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Hosting Edition and Hosting Advance offers traditional hosting companies an alternative orchestration solution that works, at compelling entry level pricing. The editions also provide the hosting industry an alternative to OnApp and a roadmap to advanced functionality as required.

With these editions, hosters will have orchestration software with a customised user interface, hypervisor support for KVM and XEN4, single cluster support for the Hosting Edition and multiple cluster support for Hosting Advance and access to Flexiant’s billing and metering capabilities that includes invoice creation and integration to third party. With the Hosting Advance edition, hosters will also have reselling capabilities. For storage, both editions offer USS.

What’s in the Service Provider Edition?

With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Service Provider Edition and Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Service Provider Advanced, organizations will have access to the only ‘service provider-ready’ orchestration and management solution available.

With these editions, service providers will have the capabilities of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Hosting Edition, but also hypervisor support for VMware and Hyper-V. Service providers will also benefit from Bento Boxes, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s functionality for delivering pre-configured application provisioning.

Regardless of the edition you require, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the only software needed to create a cloud services business that customers love.

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