I blogged on Tuesday on how public cloud services will represent a $15 billion revenue opportunity through 2015. I also discussed how cloud service providers should start to see a clearer path for revenue growth if they adapt to the emergent demand of the enterprise customer.

Today I want to focus on the eight reasons why anyone launching commercial cloud services needs cloud orchestration. It’s not just our view, but the market’s view. Most of the commonly encountered vendors in the cloud orchestration arena parade their solutions on the enterprise catwalk. The Flexiant difference is that our solution is focused on delivering the additional capability required to build cloud service businesses that customers love.

The jobs to be done are different if you are in the business of selling cloud services rather than just building internally owned private clouds. Functional requirements therefore, are different. Here are just eight reasons why anyone building a commercial cloud services business needs a fit for purpose, service provider ready cloud orchestration solution:

    1. To capture new revenue opportunities
    2. To increase profit margins and protect against commoditisation
    3. To differentiate products and service and build defensible positions
    4. To do more with the same resources
    5. To build increased market distributions through  a multi-level reseller model
    6. To reduce operational risk
    7. To remove the requirement for an army of consultants
    8. To accurately bill for what customers do and do not use, in any currency

There are more reasons; however the first is fairly compelling. I will, over the next few weeks, expand on each of the eight reasons. The first reason, the ability to capture emerging revenue opportunity, will be the subject of a whitepaper on value migration launching shortly so make sure to subscribe to our free resources.

For now, if you want to learn how to get more from your cloud, download the whitepaper on the reasons you need cloud orchestration.

5 reasons

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