This week I was reading some blog posts in InfoWorld, Cloud Computing Blog by David Linthicum. David is a frequent blogger offering advice on both the private and public cloud.

One recent blog post is of particular interest – ‘Shadow IT’ can be the cloud’s best friend – the blog focuses on how employees within an organisation, responsible for profit centres will acquire and manage IT resources outside the control of corporate IT. David comments:

… IT needs to face reality: For the past three decades or so, corporate IT has been slow on the uptake around the use of productive new technologies.

When the business units move forward, they force the hand of corporate IT. Often, IT will stomp out the use of unauthorized cloud-based resources and thus reduce the productivity of that business unit. A better approach would be for IT to get ahead of that technology on behalf of the company, leading versus following those business units into the cloud.

In a recent whitepaper Alex Bligh at Flexiant provided examples of where departments will require additional resource:

  • The finance department requires more number crunching capacity to process end-of-quarter figures.
  • The HR department needs to increase resources during a recruitment drive.
  • The marketing department needs to scale up their web presence to meet demand.

In all of these instances, if the IT department cannot support the requirement for additional resource, the profit centres of the business could start to fail. So why would they not go elsewhere? And why would the IT department not want to support the profit centres?

We agree with David’s comments that the IT department needs to get ahead of cloud technology. To do this, they must look at ways NOW and that means looking to service providers to help meet the demands of a profitable business.

Service providers are the ones that can provide the cloud resources necessary, on-demand, to support peaks and troughs without the huge financial investment an IT department would need to make.

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