Like many who have been in this industry for some time I have used and benefitted from Gartner services throughout my career. OK so far! And then there are times when Gartner just disappoints and fails to deliver to its promise.
Today I received, probably like many of you, an alert announcing the release of a report on ‘Cloud Management Platform Vendor Landscape’. Here is the description I received.
CMP Vendor Landscape
5 Sep 2012 | ID: G00233217
By Ronni J. Colville, Donna Scott, Milind Govekar and Aneel Lakhani
Cloud management platform vendors come from a variety of market segments and offer solutions with varying levels of completeness. This market landscape view and associated assessment of CMP vendors and their strengths and challenges is targeted to IT organizations.
The vendors reviewed are as follows:
Where is Flexiant in this list? Actually, come to think of it, where are Abiquo and OnApp? Did Europe just disappear in the frenzy of the Democratic Convention? Is this what Barack Obama means when he talked about “containing the European problem”?
Surely it cannot serve the Gartner customer base well to publish an incomplete view of the market that makes leading European based vendors invisible.
Despite providing personal briefings to Gartner throughout this year it looks like there are four more Gartner analysts that didn’t get the memo!
Am I overreacting? Leave a comment and let me know.
P.S. If you would like to see the report here is the link that I received (I am not sure if it will work for you)…