Private cloud is ultimately a dead technology, whoever hosts it.
Private cloud delivers more hype than economic benefit.
Most of the barriers to adoption of public cloud are organisational, rather than technical.

These three points are the main conclusions of the arguments I make in the latest Flexiant whitepaper, “7 business reasons why moving Private Clouds to the Service Provider is a ‘no brainer’!“.

I recently posted a blog that highlighted an example of another disruptive technology similar to cloud, where the politics of the technology dictated what electronic current was adopted. The main source of resistance against public cloud, and the main advocate for private cloud is often the IT department. For them it’s a matter of self-preservation, rather than selection of the most appropriate cloud technology.


Service providers need to position their products against these arguments. To do this they need to articulate why their customers should adopt public cloud solutions, and not private cloud.

Download my whitepaper that challenges the widespread assumption that private cloud carries a number of advantages over public cloud. In it, I provide insight into the economic and organisational drivers of adoption of different cloud technologies, my view of the future prevalence of different types of cloud technology in IT purchasing budgets, and the corresponding impact upon service providers.

This whitepaper arms service providers with an in-depth view of the advantages and disadvantages of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, helping them to reinforce the business advantages of their cloud solutions to their customers.