Drum roll please….

Finally! The moment we’ve been waiting for. After:

  • 2 months of beta testing;
  • 155 bugs fixed and/or improvements completed;
  • 1,587 cans of Irn Bru;
  • Umpteen Pizzas;
  • Too many late nights;
  • 1 BBQ (that’s Scotland for you); and
  • last but not least, our lead developer becoming a dad for the first time;

… the beta tag has finally been removed from FlexiScale 2.0.  Many thanks to everyone who helped us test it – we are really pleased with how it’s progressed in the last few months.

Key new features include:

  • A completely revised graphical user interface;
  • A richer API for programmatic server control;
  • Substantially reduced charges;
  • Highly accelerated initial boot times;
  • Virtual Data Centers to enable customers to organise their own array of servers;
  • Ability for customers to attach, detach, resize, snapshot, image and clone virtual disks;
  • Ability for customers to create their own servers from uploaded images; and
  • VNC console support to diagnose boot or connectivity issues.

There is plenty of detailed information on these in related blog posts on it here, here, here & here, or on the website at www.flexiant.com. If you want to read the official announcement, it’s here.

If you have reported a bug we haven’t fixed or have requested a feature that hasn’t been implemented, we are not ignoring you. We have a long ‘to do’ list! Updates will continue to come out every week or two, and we expect to reveal a number of surprising new bits of functionality and features in the months to come.