(Ok, so thats a white lie), but we said we would be back, and we are! We have now fully rolled out FlexiScale v1.5 to all our customers, and decommissioned the former system.

The only problem being Arnie though, is we are meant to be destroying Skynet, and from where I’m sitting, we’re building something almost as clever! (Better make sure we don’t let it start ordering it’s own hardware though)

FlexiScale v1.5 is a massive leap forward in scale, performance and speed compared to v1. We suffered from a number of scaling issues as we grew last year, so took the decision to replace a key part of the system that we had licensed in, with our own internally developed code.

As a result of this the new platform can scale significantly better, and faster. You can literally provision a server from scratch, start it, and be using it, in less than one minute. You can start server after server every few seconds, and in the future with the improvements we have planned, you will be able to start multiple servers every second!

As we have been concentrating on rebuilding the underlying software, we haven’t released any new features for a while, but now that the big upgrade is done, some of the things coming in the next few months:

A brand new shiny web interface (as we know how much you all hate love the current one.)

Custom Image uploading (so you can upload your own server images)

Image Cloning & Templating (clone existing machines at the touch of a button, or API Call)

In summary, it’s been a tough ride dealing with the growing pains we experienced last year, and we are eternally greatful to our customers for the support we recieved. We ploughed on through it and accomplished what we wanted to, and we look forward to welcoming both old and new customers onto the new platform.

If anyone wants any more information, please do drop us an e-mail or give us a ring. We will also be at a variety of events in the next few months as well, generally with the word ‘Cloud’ in them, starting with the FoWA Tour in Cambridge and the Hosting Transformation Summit (both tomorrow).

See you soon!

Tony Lucas