The adoption of cloud services and cloud operating models within enterprises is driven by a range of use cases including test and development, variable demand, periodic batch processing and application deployment needs.

Inevitably enterprises are trying to achieve the promise of cloud computing to deliver lower cost, highly scalable, more agile, and more productive IT. More than any other component in the enterprise cloud solution portfolio, cloud orchestration has the ability to rapidly deliver the vendor agnostic freedom, business agility and productivity gains demanded by enterprises. Get it wrong and your enterprise will remain restricted and tied to cost models that are not competitive.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator works with your existing investment in enterprise infrastructure while providing a single portal to provision and manage private and public cloud services. Enterprises also need to respond to the demands of users for self service provisioning.

We are seeing the emergence of individuals and departments making use of public cloud services. This can cause many governance and other issues. Internal IT has the opportunity, through orchestration, to be able to respond to this demand while maintaining control.


Challenges within the Cloud Computing Industry
  • Enterprises need to guard against restrictive and expensive cloud orchestration solutions
  • Enterprises need to ‘sweat’ their existing infrastructure investments while benefiting as early as possible from cloud operating models
  • Enterprises need to deploy cloud orchestration that supports, from a single management portal, all of the business needs related to private and public clouds.
  • Enterprises need advanced capability and control over internal metering and billing, self service provisioning, rapid response, individual workload placement and variable scalability.


Opportunities in Cloud Computing
  • To select a cloud orchestration tool that is the central resource for all private, public and hybrid cloud projects regardless of underlying vendor technologies
  • To provide the enterprise user community with the ability to fulfil their own demands through individually customised self service
  • To massively simplify the adoption of cloud computing by letting the cloud orchestration software deal with the complexities
  • To create services designed specifically for individual users and groups with the ability to define appropriate user access controls, policies and permissions
  • To free the enterprise from proprietary lock in while delivering business agility, unrestricted scalability, high interoperability and extensibility.

Required Solution:

Required Solution for Enterprises
  • A simple to use cloud orchestration tool that manages complexity without user intervention
  • Cloud orchestration that is hypervisor agnostic, support multiple clusters and is highly scalable.
  • A highly customisable user interface
  • Fine grained permissions and access controls for users and groups
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Multi-level enterprise metering and billing including chargeback and showback
  • Supports private, public and hybrid cloud orchestration
  • No need to change business practices unless you want to
  • Highly extensible
  • The ability to define individual workload placement (especially in highly regulated environments)
  • Access to an ecosystem of partners to allow ability to construct images and applications ‘out of the box’.

Benefits of working with Flexiant:

Benefits of working with Flexiant
  • Improved productivity and decrease costs
  • Capex avoidance
  • Do more with the same
  • Improve business agility
  • Give user s the ability to have the services they need when they need them.

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