Computing Everywhere and IoT: What’s the opportunity for Service Providers?

Next Generation App

Last week we highlighted five trends from Gartner that we think service providers need to consider for their 2015 business plan. Today, we delve into two of them – computing everywhere and the Internet of Things (IoT) – offering some positioning and advice for service providers.

The past few years has seen phenomenal growth in the range and number of devices providing us with Internet connectivity. We can now access whatever we want, whenever we want it. We are ‘computing everywhere’ – on our smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops – so long as it has Internet connectivity. With nearly 3 billion Internet users today up from 14 million in 1993 according to Internet Live Stats, and the prediction that the smartphone market is set to grow to  1.75 billion in 2014 accoridng to eMarketer, computing everywhere is only on the rise.
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Legacy vs. Next Generation Apps

Next Generation App

Service providers want to profit from the cloud today. Two strategies up for consideration are:

  • Focus on migrating existing workloads (a focus on legacy apps)
  • Attract new workloads (a focus on next generation apps)

Here we compare legacy vs. next generation applications so service providers can start to position themselves in the market for growth.

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HostingCon Europe: Is the Industry Innovating?

Public vs. Private Cloud

Last week I was fortunate to join and also host two panels at HostingCon Europe. My main takeaway is whether or not the hosting and service provider community is innovating.

Apps vs. Infrastructure

Service providers haven’t yet innovated enough for infrastructure services. In fact, many are still playing catch up. Some hosters have decided the way to innovate may well be through supporting container technology for packaging of applications, as service providers have a long history of using containers, although with less desirable business models for new customers today.

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Join the Demo of Flexiant Concerto

Next Generation App

Flexiant Concerto, launched last week, opens new multi-cloud revenue opportunities for managed service providers and telcos by offering a hosted platform that enables multi-cloud application lifecycle management (ALM) ideal for service providers wanting to help developers build next generation applications across multiple clouds.

We want you to see it. Join tomorrow’s demo of Flexiant Concerto given by VP of Product, Marco Meinardi and VP of Development, Javier Perez-Griffo as they show you just how easy Flexiant Concerto is to use and how it truly addresses the consistency and portability requirements of next generation applications.
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So what is Flexiant Concerto? See it in action!

Flexiant Concerto Webinar
By now we hope you’ve heard and read of Flexiant Concerto, the simple solution to multi-cloud application management and portability. On Tuesday next week, October 21st, we want you to see it in action.

Join our VP of Product, Marco Meinardi and VP of Development Javier Perez-Griffo as they demo Flexiant Concerto.

By joining the demo you’ll see:

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