As Cloud Computing Prices Fall, the Whole Service Provider Industry to Change

Cloud has changed everything, for the better. Okay, maybe there is one exception – the price wars – the commoditization of cloud means the industry is going to battle over the price – after all every penny counts. And while everything has price wars – the latest TVs, mobile phone contracts, cars, homes (well almost everything, Apple does a great job steering clear of this), for cloud, the damage that these price wars can have on service providers could be significant.
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Multi-Cloud: When to Use It and How to Get Started

It is critical for IT decision makers to develop an approach that allows them to maximize the benefits they can get from various clouds. This will ensure that their decisions around cloud map to their business goals, and provide their DevOps teams with the agility and velocity that they need to be most productive.

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Ultimate Guide to Cloud: Business Considerations

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud
Getting to the cloud can raise many business issues you might not have considered like why are you moving to the cloud, what are you planning to offer and what constraints do you have? We put together the ultimate guide to cloud – Zero to Cloud – a one-stop guide to helping you whatever stage you might be at on your journey to or in the cloud.
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Uploading Your Chef Cookbooks into Flexiant Concerto


Chef and Flexiant Concerto work perfectly together to provide cloud freedom and velocity for DevOps. To showcase how well we fit together, we recently held a webinar. You can watch it here now.
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New Video! acens Differentiates, Reaches New Markets with Flexiant Concerto


Spanish provider of cloud and hosting solutions since 1997, acens, a Telefonica company, had two challenges:

  • How to bring cloud to the mass market
  • How to extend its geographical research using cloud services from other providers

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