Chef Made Easy

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Chef are industry leaders in IT automation, offering significant benefits such reducing the time and effort, as well as risk of manual error, involved in building, configuring and managing application stacks. For the DevOps community, this is great.

Chef’s a fantastic tool that most people want to dig into straight away. First, though, you have to set it up and configure the Chef servers and clients including all the various dependencies involved. Then you have to manage, pull and execute Chef cookbooks. This is in many cases a repetitive task. The good news is you can manage Chef more easily by having Flexiant Concerto carry out these tasks for you. Here is how.
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Network Scalability: Layer 2 Issues

Cloud Network Scalability

To overcome cloud networking scalability challenges as outlined in a previous blog post, cloud service providers look to solutions like Layer 2, VLANs and Layer 3. Discussed below are the issues service providers face with Layer 2.

Layer 2 issues

One of the first challenges in scaling the cloud provider’s network comes at layer 2.

To explain this, it is first necessary to recap how a switched Ethernet network works. Each network interface card (physical or virtual) participating in a layer 2 network has a unique MAC address. Each packet contains a header (the MAC header) containing the source and destination MAC address of the sending and receiving network interface. The switches on the layer 2 network learn the source addresses of any packet passing through them. When a switch comes to forward a packet to a given destination, it looks up that destination in the forwarding table that it has learnt, and if an entry is present, the packet is forwarded to that port. If an entry is not present (or if the packet is a broadcast packet), the packet is forwarded to all ports. Such forwarding to all ports is to be avoided as they use bandwidth on each port as well as switch capacity. It is thus vital the forwarding table can contain entries for all source MAC addresses in use.
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Majority of IT Infrastructure Buyers Haven’t Adopted Cloud

Flexiant Webinar

While debating the cloud opportunity might sound old, surprisingly enough, following a webinar with 451 Research and Brinkster, the majority of IT infrastructure buyers haven’t adopted it yet. Skepticism, natural resistance to change, staff self-preservations and other excuses are amongst the primary reasons for that. If you think about it, this is actually normal when a technology disrupts the status quo. The organizations that have fully embraced cloud already have significant advantages affecting their competitiveness and even their ability to stay in business.
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Think You’re Cut Out for Doing Cloud? Take This Quiz

Cloud Resources

We are constantly advocating for hosting companies, service providers and telcos to move to the cloud. But maybe, just maybe, you are not cut out for cloud. Take our 5 question quiz to find out:

1. Do you have underutilized infrastructure?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I have no clue

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Gain Access to Flexiant Plugins at the Flexiant Marketplace

Flexiant Webinar

Flexiant works with a range of partners to offer the best possible functionality to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator users. We integrate with this partner ecosystem by means of our plugins system. This enables service providers to easily deliver cloud services that leverage our combined value proposition of FCO and partner platforms, differentiating themselves from the competition and expanding their potential market share.
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