Who Can Afford all That Investment to Make OpenStack Work?


CRN published an article “OpenStack Community Challenged by Dearth of Talent, Complexity.” In the article, the publication included comment from Josh McKenty, a former NASA engineer who helped build the platform and sits on the project’s board of directors. Now a co-founder and CTO of San Francisco-based Piston Cloud, CRN summarized McKenty’s comments:

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Public Cloud Customers Want Platform Completeness and Choice

Future of Cloud

Earlier this month we published ‘A Guide: How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want’ to highlight Janakiram MSV recently published GigaOm report, ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service basics: a guide for IT pros’, in which he lists the top 10 factors for customers to consider when choosing an IaaS platform. Two of the requirements that cloud customers want – platform completeness and choice. Want to know how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator stakes up against these criteria so service providers can understand the full breadth of our product?
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Whitepaper Wednesday’s Present Public Cloud Step-by-Step

Whitepaper Wednesday

As the summer winds down this week with the last of the holidays, vacations and some even heading back to school, we bring you our sixth Whitepaper Wednesday. Designed to help service providers maximize the cloud service opportunity, our whitepapers look to deliver valuable insight when growing a cloud business.

Many service providers are claiming that they offer cloud services. But are they actually offering ‘cloud’ services – the provisioning of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and managed services on an on-demand basis? In this comprehensive step-by-step guide we explore what service providers need to do to capture the cloud market and to not lose foothold to private cloud deployments.
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What Hypervisor Do You See Driving Your Cloud

Cloud This year’s HostingCon is now a distant memory for all of us that attended. However, following the event, our partner ScienceLogic released findings from its annual survey of hosting providers to gain a sense of change in attitude from last year’s hosting survey, focusing on five key areas. The area we are focusing on today is relating to hypervisor technology.

ScienceLogic asked what hypervisor technology do hosters see driving their cloud deployments in the future. The answers are below.

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Whitepaper Wednesday’s Present How to Overcome Barriers to Build an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

During our fourth week of Whitepaper Wednesdays, we once again look to offer cloud service providers some resources to help them maximize their business opportunity. Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll highlight some of our best whitepapers (to give hosters, service providers and telcos access to expert thought leadership to help them compete in a changing marketplace.

Whitepaper Wednesday – How to Overcome the Barriers to Building an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud is not a disruptive technology threat; it is a market opportunity. By being more agile, able to scale and by playing to their strengths, service providers can use the cloud to not only consolidate their existing revenue streams, but create many new revenue opportunities too.

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