Whitepaper Wednesday’s Present How to Overcome Barriers to Build an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

During our fourth week of Whitepaper Wednesdays, we once again look to offer cloud service providers some resources to help them maximize their business opportunity. Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll highlight some of our best whitepapers (to give hosters, service providers and telcos access to expert thought leadership to help them compete in a changing marketplace.

Whitepaper Wednesday – How to Overcome the Barriers to Building an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud is not a disruptive technology threat; it is a market opportunity. By being more agile, able to scale and by playing to their strengths, service providers can use the cloud to not only consolidate their existing revenue streams, but create many new revenue opportunities too.

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Lessons Learned from Rackspace’s IaaS Departure 

Whitepaper Wednesday When reading the Rackspace news the other week, I wondered to myself how many service providers were thinking – “If Rackspace, a billion dollar company, cannot compete with Amazon, then how can I?” The answer is you can’t! Now for those of you who follow Flexiant, this comment will come as a surprise, but hear me out first.

First, let’s look at Rackspace the business. The board is clearly putting pressure on it – a few months ago, it was up for sale, now instead with this announcement, it is shifting into higher margin services. Why? Because the business never found its position in the market and even Rackspace’s president, Taylor Rhodes, admitted Amazon whupped the company in an article appropriately entitled – “Rackspace president: Amazon whupped us. But now we’ve got a plan.”
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Whitepaper Wednesday’s Present How to Compete Against Amazon

Whitepaper Wednesday

Today we continue our goal of helping service providers maximize the cloud service opportunity during the third week of our Whitepaper Wednesday’s series. Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll highlight some of our best whitepapers (and even webinars) every Wednesday to give hosters, service providers and telcos access to expert thought leadership to help them compete in a changing marketplace.

Whitepaper Wednesday – How Service Providers Can Compete Against Amazon

The first point is if you want to compete on pricing, then don’t try – just look to the Rackspace news for more on that! The thing is you can compete against Amazon, it’s just how you go about doing it.
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A Guide: How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want

Whitepaper Wednesday

As the public cloud market continues to mature, and the number of service providers offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grows, customers are faced with more choice than ever before. As a result, service providers’ customers are increasingly savvy about what to look for when selecting an IaaS provider. Having a clear view of what criteria your potential cloud customers are basing their decisions on, and choosing a cloud orchestration and management platform that is designed to satisfy these criteria, is essential if you are to succeed in this space.

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Almost Half of UK Businesses to Make Big Cloud Platform Changes

Are You Selling Your Cloud for Too Little? A whopping 48% of UK businesses expect to make big changes to their cloud platforms in the next 12 months according to a Cloud Computing Intelligence (CCI) article.  If you are a service provider, what would happen if 48% of your business decided to go elsewhere? The article reported commissioned research by Adapt which revealed there is a clear mismatch between what UK businesses need versus what they actually get from their providers. Some results that should worry service providers showed that:

  • 75% of respondents do not feel their cloud provider really understands their business.
  • One in four respondents do not expect their service provider to be meeting their business needs within the next 12 months.

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