Software as a (Single Tenant) Service?

This post was inspired by a post from James Urquhart.

One of the key challenges with public cloud, as far as perception is concerned, is the multi-tenancy problem regarding security, reliability and data privacy.

Multi-Tenancy Defined

Of course, the definition of multi-tenancy in a cloud platform itself is confusing.  Is something multi-tenant at the application, platform, virtual or physical infrastructure, level?  Each of these has potential benefits and concerns depending on a customer’s requirements.

Security- Software as a (Single Tenant) Service?Depending on the customer and the application requirements, it may be quite possible to run parts of it using multi-tenant infrastructure at an application level (e.g. DNS, e-mail), but have a need to run other parts in a single tenant infrastructure (e.g. the database or web server). 

Realistically, no customer just wants IaaS intending to run all services themselves.  It wants one consistent platform through which it can consume services in a utility like manner.  This is something service providers just starting to roll out IaaS need to wise up to fairly quickly. 

Multi-Tenant Challenges

The challenge until now has been that if you want to run anything at an application level, single tenanted manner you have to build and deploy the application yourself on top of a raw infrastructure platform, unless you can find an ISV offering that service. So to remove the (perceived or otherwise) risks of multi-tenancy, you unfortunately remove some of the benefits around scalability, risk management, knowledge required, etc.

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Flexiant recently attended where we met with hundreds of service providers and heard first hand about the challenges they are experiencing.

At the event we did some filming and got some different perspectives of what service providers are looking for and the changes in the market place.

Sergey Skurykhin from talked to us from the service provider’s perspective, whilst our own Marco Meinardi shares his view on the hot topics from service providers at the show. Finally, Tony Lucas compares the difference from 2013 to 2014 and how service providers mindsets have evolved.

Watch now to find out more. 


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How to Avoid being Stepped on by VMWare’s vCloud Hybrid Service

451 Research published the report ‘VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service exhibits rapid expansion and ambitious roadmap‘ earlier this month. This confirms one of our points from our advice on 7 Reasons Why Service Providers Shouldn’t Bet on vCloud Director.  Our advice followed the launch of vCloud Hybrid Service and news from VMworld 2013 that VMware introduced a new product strategy and direction for vCloud Director (vCD). The plan, in summary, is to split intellectual property currently in vCD into new integrations with vCenter and vCloud Automation Center.

Do not get stepped on

451 writes in its recent report:

VMware’s new IaaS play, VMware Cloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) has been in the wild for six months, and the company reports rapid customer uptake and aggressive plans to expand geographically and move forward on vCloud and associated services. This has created tension, as well as opportunity, within the infrastructure provider community that sells VMware-based infrastructure, but the company says that while it will inevitably compete with bulk infrastructure VMware providers, it still plans to be partner-forward as much as possible.

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To Bundle or Not to Bundle Cloud Services?

I recently had a conversation with a Flexiant customer looking at various solutions around bundling groups of services together for its target market. I can’t discuss the specific questions, but it did get me thinking about the overall model of delivering services in a bundled vs. unbundled manner. So what do I mean by unbundled vs. bundled?

Cloud bundlingBy way of an analogy it’s the same concept as picking the food you want a la carte from a menu or choosing a set meal. Most telcos have been using this model for the last few years – bundle your phone, TV and Internet services and save X amount of money. Buy separately and it will cost more.

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This morning, Jim Foley and I spoke at on the topic, ‘Marketing Innovations every Service Provider Should Know’. The presentation was based on research into hundreds of service providers and how they are currently going about their marketing. The results proved that many service providers are not taking the full advantage of the marketing tools available to them, which could cause them to miss out on customers. We both thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss marketing methodologies and tools that can differentiate service providers from their competition.

Flexiant at WHDJudging by the turn out, service providers understand that in an increasingly commoditized market, it is essential to arm yourself with every tool available, to find, listen and engage with your target market. To help support service providers even further, we have produced a special report that highlights the possible pitfalls and gives resources and suggestions to help get you started.  For our full special report please click here or below.

Report Summary: Flexiant studied a variety of hosting companies and service providers, using various tools to understand each company’s online presence and marketing. Many of the companies researched are past or current participants at WHD Global. The research was conducted without the involvement of the individual companies using analytical tools that are widely available.

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