Infographic: Steps to Becoming a Next Gen Service Provider

Cloud Can't Wait
Next generation applications are the next big cloud revenue generating opportunity for managed service providers and telcos. To service these apps, born in the cloud and for the cloud, service providers need to make the lives of next generation app developers easier by saving them time and allowing them to focus on their core business logic. Here is our latest infographic featuring five steps to becoming a next gen service provider.

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A Debate about DevOps


Here in Flexiant Central we are having a debate about how far the DevOps approach and culture is permeating the larger development houses and even the in-house development activities of major enterprises. This is important to Flexiant and our customers since many of our service providers are currently delivering cloud services to the DevOps community, are planning to, or frankly should be planning to! You may have opinions on this and I would be very grateful to hear them.

One really insightful first question that I like to ask is “Who understands what DevOps is?” Many believe that they do. However, what I have noticed is that these discussions become very technical very, very quickly with Chef, Puppet, Docker et al. appearing early in every conversation. I understand why since DevOps is seen as a technical discipline by many and therefore the domain of engineering. This is not the whole picture.
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Webinar: Cloud Can’t Wait & What to Do for Growth in 2015

Flexiant Webinar

Getting into the cloud market? Already there, but need to position yourself better for growth?

You already know the cloud is where the market opportunity lies. You also know that it is a tough market to crack, but guess what…cloud can’t wait. With every passing day if you are not in the market or positioning yourself for growth, you are not on the battleground and the cloud giants are taking more and more ground.

Join 451 Research, Brinkster and Flexiant for our webinar on Cloud Can’t Wait & What to Do for Growth in 2015. We’ll look at why cloud can’t wait using data and insight from 451 Research, learn how Brinkster positioned itself for growth and discuss the industry as a whole.
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Containers, Containers, Everywhere


Attention on container technology is everywhere. It is not a new technology, but with the rise of Docker, an open platform for developers and sys admins to build, ship, and run distributed applications in “containers”, we are seeing a tremendous focus on it.

Containers offer a huge advantage to service providers because they are a way to encapsulate services that share the same physical/virtual host, but do it in isolation from one another. Containers also create an abstraction layer for disk, network and compute which removes all previous knowledge of where the container was hosted. Finally, depending on the technology underneath, containers offer a minimal overhead in performance and resource utilization.
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GoGrid Says a Single Data Center Won’t Meet Demands of Today’s Workloads


John Keagy, co-founder and  CEO of GoGrid, offered commentary to InformationWeek on the benefits of deploying workloads to more than one cloud service. In the commentary, he writes:

It’s no longer possible for a single data center to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated workloads…With the advent of the cloud, we now have access to the most advanced information architecture available for handling distributed workloads. The next evolution in cloud application architecture — multi-cloud application-stack deployments — helps ensure business continuity by freeing enterprises from the constraints of a single provider.
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