10 Things I Learned on the Cloud Can’t Wait Webinar

Flexiant WebinarLast week we held the ‘Cloud Can’t Wait’ webinar with 451 Research, Brinkster and Flexiant. Here are 10 things I learned from listening in:

  1. The public cloud market is growing at a 29% CAGR according to 451 Research’s Cloud Computing Market Overview,” 451 Research, August 2014. Michael Coté said there is a lot of money actually changing hands!
  1. You might think you are late to the market, but you are not. There is a tremendous opportunity to get involved in the cloud market and grow your business. It isn’t about being at the bleeding edge, it is about being at the leading edge.

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Flexiant Gives Advance Group Simplicity to Quickly Launch Complex Apps

Advance Group

Advance Group, a leading technology services provider in Spain, has selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to power its latest cloud computing solution aimed at SMBs. By selecting Flexiant, Advance Group has the cloud management tools necessary to support an IaaS public cloud service.

Advance Group also saw the power of Flexiant’s application blueprints solution that contain all the key information to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud – including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details, and how they all relate together. Using Flexiant, Advance Group now has the simplicity to launch complex applications quickly and easily for its customers.
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Flexiant Top 10 Cloud Resources of 2014

Cloud Resources

2014 is almost a wrap – can you believe it? With the year coming to a quick conclusion, we are looking back at the best resources of 2014. Here is our top 10 of 2014:

  1. A Guide to Network Scalability

This whitepaper helps service providers to understand what scaling network resources really means, the benefits of having a truly scalable cloud, and some of the considerations they need to be mindful of when planning their cloud deployment.
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Introducing the Flexiant Marketplace

Flexiant Webinar

Flexiant has long argued that a strong partner ecosystem is key for a service provider to differentiate themselves and build a successful cloud offering. If you are to stand out from the crowd, a quality Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering is critical, but not enough on its own. A broad scope of features and functionality that complement your core services is also needed.

Since our launch in 2006, we have built a comprehensive ecosystem of best of breed technology partners to arm service providers with the solutions necessary to launch revenue generating cloud services quickly and easily.
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If Cloud Can’t Wait, Then What are the Next Steps for Growth in 2015?

Flexiant Webinar

Cloud can’t wait – get in the market, or face obscurity. Okay maybe that is a bit dramatic. But on Thursday this week, don’t miss our webinar with 451 Research’s Michael Michael Coté, Brinkster’s Jared Stauffer and our own Marco Meinardi as we look at why cloud can’t wait. Register now.

But what can you do to be successful? What capabilities do you need to bring to market? What organizational and behavioral changes will make you successful? What products and services do you need to create and launch? To help existing and emerging cloud service providers gain actionable insight into how they can succeed in 2014 Flexiant has assembled a unique panel of experts.
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