Cloud Risks and Opportunities Every Telecom Operator Needs to Know

Telecom Operator

The declining revenues for telecom operators caused by global economic challenges and price competition are causing a period of rapid transformation. Telecoms are looking to transform and support businesses and consumers in our anywhere, anytime culture. Support for digital services, the Internet of Things (IoT), next generation services and even OTT cloud services are major opportunities for telecoms.
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Research Shows a Multi-Cloud Strategy is Essential for Service Providers Today

Multi-Cloud Strategy

The majority of enterprises are looking into the deployment of multiple clouds for both the short and long-term according to survey results reported in Cloud Tech News. The research found that:

  • 77% of IT decision makers are planning to implement multi-cloud architecture.
  • 91% intend to at least implement some sort of cloud-based solution within the next twelve months. Of these respondents, 48% plan to deploy six or more cloud services.
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5 Reasons You Need Infrastructure Blueprints

Infrastructure Blueprints

Infrastructure blueprints are an important part of any service providers’ technology stack.

First, to ensure we are on the same page, I am referring to infrastructure blueprints in much the same way that blueprints are used in the construction industry. They contain all the key information and ‘bill of materials’ to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details and how they relate together. 
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Birger Steen Identifies 4 Key Success Factors for Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers

Here in Seattle Odin is holding its first annual summit. Since Odin is still a relatively new brand I am tempted to add ‘formerly Parallels’ each time I use the name however I will resist from doing so from this point forward.

At the opening keynote Birger Steen, CEO took to the stage supported by the slick audiovisuals and branding that has been a feature of these events. Birger is a figure of authority and he is relaxed and engaging as he takes ownership of the stage to deliver his primary message.
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What a Roundtrip to Amazon and Back-Again Can Teach All Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers

Zynga, a leading developer of the world’s most popular social games took a roundtrip journey from the public cloud and back again reported The Wall Street Journal. Why the trip? Zynga built its business on the Amazon cloud. It then transitioned to a private set up after spending $100 million to build its own data centers to handle the bulk of its computing, but Zynga has now decided to return to Amazon.
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