New Video: Chef on DevOps and How to Adopt a DevOps Approach


We recently sat down with Justin Arbuckle, VP EMEA, Chef to ask him his thoughts on everything DevOps. In our first video, we asked Justin what is DevOps and what does it mean in practice?

Justin: Fundamental to understanding DevOps is the collapsing of feedback. If you consider all the different subsystems, people, stakeholders and processes that existing in organizations that want to produce something, DevOps is making the feedback between the different requirements, different perspective, skills and knowledge of those people as effective, fast and seamless as possible. That’s at its core what DevOps is.
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Get Your Flexiant Concerto Promo Code While it Lasts!

Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant today has announced the commercial availability of Flexiant Concerto that offers DevOps cloud freedom to automate the build, deployment and operations of applications consistently across multiple clouds.

With this launch, we are offering for the next 7 days a promo code that lets you enjoy Flexiant Concerto at a massive discount.

The promotion code only lasts 7 days from March 25, 2015-March 31, 2015 and gives a massive, one-year discount for all customers who use the code and sign up within this 7-day period. So hurry up and sign up!
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Flexiant to Join Parallels at 2015 2015

Next week the world’s hosting community will come together at 2015. We are excited to join Diamond Sponsors, Parallels on stand C03 to discuss our integration. Flexiant was selected by Parallels as the leading CMP (Cloud Management Platform) in 2014 to enable service providers to launch IaaS clouds. Flexiant offers Parallels’ customers value by providing cloud orchestration across multiple hypervisors and data centers, while delivering a true Pay-As-You-Go billing model with advanced application deployment capabilities.
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Webinar: DevOps Learn to Use Chef Across Multiple Clouds Easily


DevOps wanting to benefit from Chef while enjoying cloud freedom need to join next week’s webinar as we discuss how to use Chef on any cloud. The webinar on Thursday, March 26 at 4.30 GMT features our own Javi Perez-Griffo, VP of Development and Alex Manly, Solution Architect at Chef.
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One-Click Infrastructure Blueprints with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5

Flexiant FCO V5

Have you seen Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5 yet? Our customers love our cloud orchestration software because it allows them to deliver a great experience to their customers. We believe V5 sizzles – that’s right sizzles – because it is a hot, new, completely redesigned user interface and user experience that now matches our leading cloud management solution.
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